The mysterious website offering wannabe solicitors application help in exchange for 3% of their training contract salary

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By Thomas Connelly on

Lack of phone number, company number or functioning social media links don’t inspire confidence. Oh, and “EMPLOYABILITY” has borrowed the name of a non-profit that helps disabled students into careers.


A group of mystery people who claim to be lawyers have launched a service that is offering students help in their quest to land a training contract in return for 3% of their first year salary. That equates to roughly £1,100 for a training contract at a big City firm.

The individuals behind EMPLOYABILITY say they have successfully obtained training contracts with “magic circle, silver circle, US, niche and other top 50 firms” and use that experience to help advise wannabes on application forms and interviews. Yet the website does not list their names or even provide a phone number. Nor does EMPLOYABILITY appear to be incorporated, with no company number listed anywhere on its website. And its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram links don’t work. However, some additional information is available about the site on

As for the website’s name, well, as has been pointed out on Twitter, it belongs to a non-profit called EmployAbility that helps disabled students into careers.

Legal Cheek was unsuccessful in its attempts to contact EMPLOYABILITY through the email address listed on its website, but one poster on the RollOnFriday message board had more luck. “What if I sign with you and get a TC, but I don’t feel you’ve really contributed?” they asked.

To which EMPLOYABILITY apparently responded:

“For us to receive our fee we have to fulfil certain obligations stipulated in the contract that you sign. We are very confident that our prospective trainees will feel they have received adequate help and support.”

What could possibly go wrong?