Why it’s inadvisable to describe yourself as a lawyer on Twitter when you’re not

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By Alex Aldridge on

Activist and campaigner Mohammed Ansar is probably regretting publicly claiming to be a qualified lawyer.


Over the last day or so a storm has whipped up on Twitter about some false claims apparently made by activist and campaigner Mohammed Ansar that he is, amongst other things, a lawyer. Ansar, for those unfamiliar with him, has won moderate fame as a commentator on Islam and Muslim life in Britain, appearing regularly on TV.

Here is a screenshot that has been doing the rounds of some of the tweets that Ansar apparently sent and has since deleted.

And here is the view of respected legal journalist David Allen Green (AKA @JackofKent) on the matter.

Green elaborates on his tweet in a comment he made on the Homo economicus’ Weblog.

As for the question of why anyone would harbour fantasies of being a lawyer — well, that’s another issue entirely, with one QC expressing his bafflement yesterday.