Why lawyers need to shower more

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By Alex Aldridge on

Survey of City solicitors finds that they are at their most creative while showering.

Commercial lawyers have identified showering and their commute into work as the two points in their day where they think most creatively about work.

27% of the approximately 100 solicitors surveyed at a recent ‘Life with Law’ event pinpointed the daily moments they spend being bathed in warm water as their most creative. The same percentage suggested that travelling to and from work fostered their highest levels of creativity.

At the other end of the spectrum, a measly 10% of solicitors named the office as the place where they think most creatively, while only 16% gave “at home while working remotely” as their response. The remaining 20% claimed that cafes were the places most likely to get their creative juices flowing.

In a further insight into lawyers’ minds, the survey found that 67% of solicitors view themselves as creative, yet only 21% thought law had “lots of room to be creative”. Happily, 50% reckoned there was “some room but not substantial” for creativity in the law. 29% said there was “little to no room”.

Disappointingly, attendees at the event failed to come up with a numbered series of sub-claused points detailing exactly how they employ their creativity.