11 eyebrow-raisingly honest tweets from Reynolds Porter Chamberlain’s trainee-controlled Twitter account

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By Thomas Connelly on

15 hour days and “being sent to buy lingerie on the weekend”: trainee solicitors reveal what life at big law firm is really like.


Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (RPC) has had the confidence to leave its official graduate Twitter account — @LifeinaLawFirm — under the control of its trainees. The result is a refreshingly honest stream of insights…

Happy Monday!

Another great start to the week!

Still, at least there is the opportunity to travel.

Meanwhile, back in the office.

The heavy workloads continue.

Outside? What’s that?

Under such circumstances, you do begin to wonder about the personality of your boss.

And to think, senior lawyers’ behaviour had all once seemed such a laugh.

Alongside tiredness comes anxiety…

…and mouth ulcers.

No wonder the novelty of the flash office has begun to wear off.

In fairness to RPC, @LifeInALawFirm does contain plenty of positive reflections, too, detailing, for example, the buzz trainees experience when they are handed increased responsibility, alongside the generally pretty fun and boozy social schedule of solicitors-to-be.

Unlike most law firm graduate Twitter accounts, it’s definitely worth a follow.