Lawyer issues boyfriend with ‘motion to compel’ him to buy her a puppy

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By Legal Cheek on

King Charles spaniel-obsessed lawyer issues legal threat to other half.


Take the sickly sweet sense of humour of a US woman lawyer and combine it with a cute King Charles Spaniel and what do you get? An overwhelming desire to reach for the sick bag.

Or at least that’s the reaction some poor sod of a boyfriend is likely to experience having received a recent “motion to compel” order from his girlfriend.

The motion was posted on Facebook telling the respondent that the court is going to compel the boyfriend to purchase the pictured cavalier King Charles.


The grounds are that the plaintiff — who undoubtedly has the most perfect and white teeth known to humanity — “totally needs a puppy, and has indisputable evidence that the Defendant, You, also want [sic] the same puppy”.

In addition to a heading reading “Girlfriend (lawyer) makes formal legal request for boyfriend to buy puppy”, we know madam is a fine member of the legal profession by an irritating and irrationally random use of capital letters, as well as a tenuous grasp of basic English grammar.

Legal Cheek also feels obliged to point out that while the King Charles spaniel — originally an 18th century hunting dog — certainly boasts an appearance guaranteed to turn the hearts of many to mush, the breed itself is far from a happy one. As long ago as 2008, a BBC documentary reported that cavaliers can be so in-bred that they routinely suffer from syringomyelia, a condition occurring when the skull is too small for the dog’s brain, causing perpetual pain and ultimate death.

Perhaps the hapless boyfriend should submit his own motion to vacate … the relationship.