Clive Reader troll spices up student website with a dollop of sexism

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By Legal Cheek on

QC from TV’s ‘Silk’ is resurrected by anonymous poster, who captures the barrister’s charming misogyny.


Fans of BBC television’s hugely authentic portrayal of a criminal barristers’ chambers, ‘Silk’, will be feeling bereft as the curtain fell on the series back in March.

Well pine no longer. It may be a poor substitute, but a troll has cropped up in internetland who is doing a credible job of posing as Clive Reader QC, the series’ Flashman-like character, who is despised and adored by viewers in arguably equal measures.

Troll Clive is haunting the Student Room website, doling out pearls of crass sexism along with the odd bit of useful advice to those chasing pupillages and tenancies.

Whether he has experience of what he speaks is so far open to conjecture — there is no way of confirming his (or for that matter, her) status in the legal profession, if any at all.

Nonetheless, Troll Clive can be good for the occasional laugh, depending on one’s position regarding flagrant misogyny. For example, in a recent post Troll Clive sets out his approach to recruitment:


Well, at least he doesn’t suggest applicants should submit a picture in bathing costume.

Troll Clive has since confirmed an all-female second round pupillage interview shortlist at Shoe Lane Chambers.


Silk junkies, who remain in mourning since the axing of the show, await the result of Troll Clive’s selection process with interest.