Corporate lawyers and vac schemers dance awkwardly to Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ to show how much fun work is

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By Thomas Connelly on

The horror…


International law firm Vinson & Elkins has marked its summer vac scheme by recording a video of its lawyers and work experience students dancing around the office to the tune of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’.

The video, which was shot in the firm’s Houston office, features a broad range of dancing styles and moves. From the mid-way-through-lunch-jive…

To what appears to be a version of the Moonwalk…

As lawyers jostle with each other to provide ever more memorable physical interpretations of the music, things begin to get a bit weird.

Soon, office furniture is being incorporated into routines.

Possibly for health and safety reasons, what is arguably the artistic high point of the video appears to have been filmed outside the office.

The question now is whether Vinson & Elkins asks its London vac schemers to submit themselves to similar public humiliation in a bid to raise morale among jaded lawyers fun.

The video can be enjoyed in full below.