Lawyers celebrate anniversary of Magna Carta with a #Jelfie

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What better way to mark the anniversary of the ancient charter of the liberties of England — which turned 799 yesterday — than with a “jelfie” (justice selfie)? Here are a selection to get you in the party mood as the Magna Carta is celebrated today.

Junior Lawyers Division chair Sophia Dirir leads the way.


As Young Legal Aid Lawyers committee member Nadia Salam demonstrates, the jelfie isn’t a true selfie, in that the two hands required to hold up the obligatory message require a third party to take the photo.


Jelfies can feature children.


Jelfies can feature random photos of your mates in fancy dress.


Jelfies can feature superhero figurines.


Jelfies can feature dogs.


Jelfies can even be done ironically and star, for example, incarcerated guinea pigs.


Everyone is doing them, including the King of Twitter Stephen Fry.


Legal charity the Justice Alliance hopes that today at 12:15pm (in celebration of Magna Carta 1215) lawyers and law students will tweet more jelfies. Guidance on jelfie protocol can be found here.