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By Thomas Connelly on

Breaking Bad law firm is now a nightclub.



The Albuquerque office that was used as Saul Goodman’s law firm in Breaking Bad has become a nightclub called ‘Vault’ (pictured above). The fan of the hit TV show who took the photo wrote on Reddit that it was taken on the official Breaking Bad tour through the city.

How it used to look:


Meanwhile, a picture of the filming of the Saul Goodman-themed spin-off of Breaking Bad, entitled ‘Better call Saul’, has been released.


It shows Bob Odenkirk (pictured left), who plays everyone’s favourite lawyer Saul Goodman, and show creator, Vince Gilligan (pictured right), discussing a scene on-set in Albuquerque where the ten-episode series is being filmed. The show is due to be released in 2015.

Images via Imgur and Reddit

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