Morning round-up: Monday 9 June

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The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts.

NewspapersShami Chakrabarti: I haven’t heard a single promise from shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan [Head of Legal]

Stolen Twixes, petty fraud and racist abuse: one week in a magistrates court [The Guardian]

CPS is told to reveal secret files on why it let off Cyril Smith after lengthy legal battle [Mail Online]

Legal fees of Gaddafi’s son to be funded by British taxpayer as he faces war crimes trial in The Hague [Mail Online]

Deloitte prepares to take on the UK legal market [The Lawyer]

Florida judge disbarred over “personal relationship” with prosecutor after they exchanged 949 phone calls and 471 texts during death penalty trial [Mail Online]

Zoe Williams: “If James Bond were a lawyer, this is the kind of law he’d do” [The Guardian]

Government accused of “stoking tensions” against human rights lawyer pursuing British soldiers for alleged war crimes [The Independent]

An undercover Panorama investigation has found some paid expert witnesses prepared to provide helpful court reports despite a client’s confession [BBC News]

Heard in court [Facebook]

“I think the amount we pay means we should at least be able to expect the organisation of the university to run smoothly” [Legal Cheek Comments]