Tuning up for the bar – law student in bid to serenade his way into chambers

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By Legal Cheek on

Pupillage-hunter croons via YouTube about the tribulations of searching for that elusive first step to a career in chambers.

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Oh the stress of applying for that precious pupillage. We shouldn’t like to suggest that one’s whole career and life-long happiness depends on it, but …

Clearly the magnitude of the situation can get to some — and it has arguably taken its toll on one wannabe barrister, who is just possibly spending slightly too much time in front of his computer banging applications off to chambers.

Legal Cheek has brought its full investigative journalism powers to bear in ascertaining whether the student appearing in six stunning YouTube performances is the same man as the student on LinkedIn, who tells us he is currently reading for the bar at a popular Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) provider in London.

The individual on YouTube belts out a range of covers, some of which have been cleverly adapted with his own lyrics. Leading the pack is a cappella number to the tune of ‘You are My Sunshine’, which becomes ‘You are My Pupillage, My Only Pupillage.’

Here’s a quick taster of the some of the lyrics:

1st Verse:

“The other day when I was working, I dreamt I had you in my hands,
And when I woke dear, I was mistaken, I had slipped into the sand.”


“You are my pupillage, my only pupillage, you know I need you so very bad.
And if i get you, you’ll know I’ll stick to, until my thoughts will drive me mad.”

From an artistic perspective, the performance leaves a bit to be desired. And indeed at the time of publishing, ‘You are My Pupillage’ has garnered are paltry 16 views (quite a few of which were generated by Legal Cheek).

Still, it’s better than some of the crooning wannabe barrister’s other tracks. Granted, musical taste is a subjective matter, but his version of Luther Vandross’s ‘Dance with My Father’ has probably set the New York R&B giant spinning in his grave.

Editorial note: This article was amended on 10 June at 19:30 to remove the crooning wannabe barrister’s name and identifying information.