You can be a lawyer and simultaneously live your childhood Indiana Jones dream

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By Thomas Connelly on

Combining law firm marketing with action hero role-play.


It is 33 years since Harrison Ford swashbuckled across film screens as the whip-cracking Indiana Jones in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. But the happy memories live on for one California lawyer.

Michael Clayton of Santa Maria law firm Michael B Clayton & Associates (who can be seen in the selected gifs) clearly fancies himself as a legal profession action man.

His Raiders-style promotional video leaves viewers and prospective clients in no doubt over which lawyer to choose when they need a quick divorce or to beat up the local council over a nasty slip-and-trip incident.

Clayton — who appears to be slightly shorter than Ford, but clearly shops at the same outfitters — runs a gauntlet of challenges: jumping from a cliff-top into a raging river…

…before clambering aboard a speed boat…

…being hauled up a dangling rope ladder into a circling helicopter…

…and sky-diving into a speeding open-top Corvette.

Only the most cynical would suggest that the odd stunt double dealt with some of the trickier manoeuvres. Although in Santa Maria — a sleepy town some 120 miles northwest of Los Angeles — there probably isn’t much else to do when not juggling court dates than leap 100 feet into some white water rapids.

Indeed, it is apposite that in addition to bankruptcy, crime and family, the other of the firm’s specialist areas of practice is … personal injury.

Enjoy Clayton’s exploits in full below.