8 key moments from ‘Come Dine With Me’ with ‘Britain’s top divorce lawyer’ Ayesha Vardag and her husband

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By Alex Aldridge on

Queen of Pre-nups Ayesha Vardag and her new hubby Stephen Bence — both of London law firm Vardags — made an unexpected appearance as contestants on hit Channel Four show ‘Couples Come Dine With Me’ this week. Fascinating insights abounded.

A shaky start

Ayesha compares a jar of relish served by one of the other couples as part of their starter to “a pot in my bathroom that has Dead Sea mud in it”.


Diners won over with legal tale

Ayesha reveals herself as the top divorce lawyer that she is, dropping into conversation that one of her cases went before the Supreme Court and led to the law on pre-nups to change. High fives ensue.


Diners wowed with foreign language display

Ayesha gives a wonderful demonstration of her delightfully fluent Italian, impressing the other couples.


Stephen in ‘I’ve never used kitchen’ shocker

Ayesha’s hubby, Stephen, admits that it is “the very first time” that he has cooked in the kitchen of the couple’s swish central London pad due to work commitments and weekends away at their second home in Winchester.


The calm before the storm

Ayesha sings away merrily while Stephen whips egg and truffle oil to make their starter. Moments later, the couple’s apple tart is to tumble off a worktop onto the ground.


‘You snogged Sian!’

Stephen attempts to greet fellow contestant Sian with a kiss on the cheek but a mistiming leads to an awkward clattering of faces. “You snogged Sian!” quips Ayesha. Happily, the incident moves the focus away from the crocked apple tart — which is undergoing desperate repairs in the kitchen.


The party trick

Stephen plays the piano during dinner while sitting on the floor, eliciting mixed responses from the couple’s guests.


We lost?! How delightful!

Shock all round as Ayesha and Stephen come in last place, leaving the other two couples — who admittedly seemed a little jealous of the duo’s vast wealth — to share the prize money. “I think it’s lovely that it’s a joint result. I think that’s so nice. And it’s just wonderful seeing them all so happy,” comments Ayesha.


The full episode is here.


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