Pupil master cracks Jimmy Savile ‘mitigating circumstances’ gag on student advice forum — nobody laughs

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By Alex Aldridge on

TheStudentRoom message board removes barrister’s ill-judged quip … after we got a screenshot.


Yesterday afternoon an unnamed “pupil master” caused outrage among wannabe lawyers with a message board post in which he slammed the efforts of 86.6% of Bar hopefuls.

In addition to a range of highly smug musings delivered from the comfort of a position of power, the barrister’s post includes a gag about Jimmy Savile and “mitigating cicrumstances”.

So ill-judged is the line that TheStudentRoom has removed it. For the record, here is a screenshot of the original comment in all its glory.


Isn’t good judgement also something that chambers look for — and naturally take for granted among their own barristers?

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