Edinburgh Uni law graduate cracks America with hilarious ad for his new firm

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By Alex Aldridge on

Scottish solicitor Peter Reid, who moved to Texas in 2010, succeeds where many Brits have failed as he wows US with YouTube masterpiece


An Edinburgh University law graduate whose journeyman legal career has seen him do stints in Scotland, Australia and the US has scored YouTube fame with a jokey ad for his new law firm.

After finishing his Edinburgh law degree, Peter Reid worked at the Scottish Parliament before joining what is now the Australian branch of City of London firm Ashurst. Subsequently the globetrotting Scot would move to America to qualify as a New York lawyer, later re-locating to Texas and launching his own firm — and this incredible ad.

‘Pete Reid Law, Austin Attorney, I’m The One For You’, which recently appeared on YouTube, sees Reid achieve a host of incredibly heroic feats unrelated to law — including rescuing a man from drowning, scoring a brilliant overhead kick in a game of football and even giving a woman a fabulous new haircut — before moving a jury to applause with a wonderful closing speech.

US legal blog Above the Law, which spotted the ad on Friday, marvels at the way Reid “has fun with the expectations of firm advertising” by beginning his masterpiece with “the dreaded ‘guy in suit in front of books'” scene before “pulling the rug out from under us and taking the audience on a madcap journey”.

But does it beat Malik Law Chambers to the title of the best ad ever produced by a British lawyer? You’ll have to judge that for yourself.