Morning round-up: Friday 22 August

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By Thomas Connelly on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts

newspapers3David Allen Green: Is viewing a video a criminal offence under terrorism law? [Financial Times]

Lawyer and legal commentator David Allen Green challenges police over James Foley beheading video claim [The Register]

Did Shakespeare ‘kill all the lawyers’? [BBC News]

Former lawyer who had her fingerprints removed to hide her identity to be extradited to face forgery charges [Mail Online]

Badger cull faces fresh legal challenge [The Guardian]

Slow news day? [Twitter]

Not chasing ambulances: a personal injury lawyer hits back [Financial Times]

Lawyer arrested for trying to have witness killed [ABC 13]

Heard in court [Facebook]

“Study hard children, the dizzying heights of the PCOL list awaits any of you lucky enough to become a DDJ.” [Legal Cheek Comments]