Morning round-up: Friday 29 August

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By Thomas Connelly on

The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts

newspapers3Housing and recovery boost law firms’ growth [Financial Times]

Keir Starmer QC: How can we prevent another Rotherham? [The Guardian]

Rosamund Urwin: Judge the rapist, not how drunk the victim was [Evening Standard]

Sloppy South African police “exploit” law, says Oscar Pistorius lawyer [The Telegraph]

Young British footballers could be banned from heading the ball too often if Fifa lose a lawsuit filed in California [The Telegraph]

Man jailed for contempt of court after throwing a tantrum because he did not want to stay in at night with his mother [The Gazette]

Human rights laws in the UK are under threat [Pink News]

No, The Sun, “Euro judges” do not “go against UK in 3 out of 5 cases”. More like 1 in 100 [UK Human Rights Blog]

Parents sue nursery for “duct-taping two-year-old son to mat” at nap time [The Independent]

What’s the best route into law? [The Guardian]

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Heard in court [Facebook]

“Hahaha!! Brilliant!!! Clever marketing in a tough industry!!” [Legal Cheek Comments]