The 14 best tweets from the #judgesongs hashtag that has rocked Twitter

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It turns out that many pop songs can be modified to incorporate hilarious judicial references


This morning top silk Sean Jones QC caused the slow-moving August legal world to ease to a standstill as he unleashed the #judgesongs hashtag onto Twitter. It quickly went viral — well, viral among lawyers not on their holidays. Here are our favourites…

It’s getting (Lord) Hutton here, so take off all your robes

Don’t (Lord) Leveson go down on me

Just (Lord) Dyson in your arms tonight

This is a (Lord) Mance world

Let’s call the whole thing (Lord) Goff

(Lord) Sumption in the way she moves

Right (Lord) Sedley Fred

Highway to (Baroness) Hale

In an English country (Lady Justice) Arden

Rinder Navy

My Denning-ling

Total eclipse of the (Lord) Hart

Just another manic (Lord) Munby

(Judge John) Deed(s) boots were made for walking