The 7 best moments from Judge Rinder’s impressive ITV debut

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2 Hare Court barrister — who hopes to be the UK’s answer to Judge Judy — has star quality


Robert Rinder, a criminal barrister at 2 Hare Court Chambers, has made his debut in the UK’s answer to hit US TV series Judge Judy.

In the first of the 20-episode courtroom reality show, which aired at 2pm yesterday on ITV, Rinder proved himself to be just as dramatic and no-nonsense as his famous American counterpart as he dealt with a dispute between a bride and her wedding photographer and a separate stand-off over a used car deal.

The new TV judge’s performance was all the more impressive given the fact that he had to recover from an awful start, before bouncing back to deliver some great lines…

1. Oops!

“Is that your mum with you?” asks Rinder.

“That’s my sister,” responds the claimant.

“…I need a moment,” mumbles the embarrassed judge.

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2. You’re lovely!

Judge Rinder describes the expert witness as “lovely”.

3. Biting insults

“You’re the type of woman that frankly, if you’d been at the last supper you’d have asked for ketchup,” quips Rinder.

4. Don’t interrupt the Rinder

“I’m talking, I’m ruling, I’m not listening!” thunders the judge.

5. Judicial authority

Claimant: “But it was a special day of my life!”


Claimant: “No…”

Judge Rinder: “Good.”

6. The, er, smell of justice

“I can smell a lie like a fart in a lift,” warns Rinder to a seller of a used car.

7. And finally…a gratuitous dig at Darlington

Judge Rinder: “The problem is, there’s a lovely phrase, which, let me tell you, in Darlington they think of nothing else, it’s called Caveat Emptor.”


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