This one goes out to the paralegals in the regions

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By Alex Aldridge on

A musical interlude


We were recently alerted to George Butterworth’s charming ‘A Lawyer He Went Out’ through the email address. It tells the story of a London lawyer’s failed attempt to woo a pretty maid in the regions, who opts instead to select as her life partner a locally-based career paralegal-type character.

Deep in August, and with the bank holiday upon us, it seems a timely moment for a sing-a-long.

A lawyer he went out one day,
A-riding through the city,
It was there he met with a handsome maid,
And he thought her so sweet and pretty.

“Good morning to you, pretty maid,
O whiter are you going?”
“I am going a-down yonder meadow,” she said,
“Where my father he is a-mowing.”

“I’ll take you up to London town,
And all such lovely places,
I will busk you into a silken gown,
Gold rings and gold chains and laces.”

“I’ll have none of your London town,
Nor any such lovely places,
I will not be busked into a silken gown,
Gold rings and gold chains and laces.”

And now she is a poor man’s wife,
Her husband dearly loves her,
And she lives a sweet and contented life,
There’s no lady in town above her.