Trainee solicitor rubbishes Mail Online’s claim that she has quit law to become a professional Kate Middleton lookalike

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By Alex Aldridge on

Mayo Wynne Baxter trainee Christina Spencer is mystified at newspaper’s suggestion that she has quit her legal career


A trainee solicitor has expressed her bafflement at a Mail Online article which claims she has ditched the law to become a professional Kate Middleton lookalike.

The article, which appeared yesterday, is headlined ‘”Now I’m searching for my own Prince William”: Solicitor quits her legal career and becomes a professional Kate Middleton lookalike’ — and goes on to state that Mayo Wynne Baxter trainee Christina Spencer (pictured above alongside the real Middleton) is “looking to turn her back on a life in the law arena and start a glamorous career” pretending to be the future king’s wife.

It also claims that Spencer, 26, is “now searching for a Prince William lookalike”.

But when we contacted the Brighton-based rookie this morning, she told Legal Cheek: “I’m not quitting my job at all.”

Spencer, who is due to qualify as a solicitor shortly, said that she doesn’t understand how the Mail Online has come to this conclusion, and denied that she had even done any Kate Middleton lookalike work — despite receiving numerous offers.

The Brighton University and UWE-educated trainee continued:

“They have just jumped on it and written a story. After being offered numerous things as a Kate Middleton lookalike, I had been speaking to a photographer I know and the story seems to have gone from there. But I have no intention of quitting the law. I like my job far too much and I am shortly due to qualify.”

Various other newspapers including the Daily Express and the Brighton Argus have also run versions of the story about Spencer’s possible change of career. She has not yet decided what steps she will take to correct them.