6 LinkedIn Pippa Tips for junior lawyers

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By Alex Aldridge on

Now for some glaringly obvious advice


Lord Harley of Counsel aside, I’m unaware of any member of the legal profession who has been able to harness the power of LinkedIn to alter the course of their careers. Yet social media gurus continue to insist on its alchemic powers to transform lawyers’ lives

We saw this, once more, over the weekend at the Junior Lawyers Division forum — an otherwise excellent (and free!) careers advice event run by the Law Society. Among the often useful insights were a series of ‘Pippa Tip’-esque snippets on how to conquer the world’s least favourite social network.

In a competitive industry full of intelligent and interesting people, it’s hard to believe that implementing these pieces of advice will give lawyers the edge. Or maybe I’m missing something?

LinkedIn for idiots junior lawyers

1. Use a photo of yourself

2. Make sure the photo of you isn’t awful

3. Get people to endorse you

4. Connect with people you meet

5. Use the search function

6. Go on LinkedIn everyday,

Now sit back and enjoy your rapid ascent to partner.