Doughty Street barrister marries celeb to create global ‘Alamooney’ brand

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Best of the legal profession reaction as Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney pool their powers


The authors of the ‘Your Barrister Boyfriend hotte list’ have christened newly-wed power couple Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney — who their acclaimed rankings arguably brought together‘Alamooney’.

The Brangelina-style moniker combines the names of Doughty Street barrister Alamuddin and Hollywood star Clooney, while no-so-subtly hinting at the prospect of rocky times ahead for the glamorous duo.

So far, amid the well-wishing, the nickname has failed to gain traction, but expect it to be pinched by tabloid headline writers if Amal and George do, heaven forbid, run into future troubles.

Anyway, enough of the gloomy talk and let’s join in with the celebrations to mark such an important wedding, which was best articulated in this headline that went viral yesterday.


Hat tip to top lawyer and blogger David Allen Green (aka Jack of Kent) for spotting the piece.

The Business Woman‘s angle was a welcome relief from the traditional media’s coverage.


In case anyone wasn’t sure, Myles Jackman (aka Obscenity Lawyer) took the trouble to clarify that Alamuddin has a way more impressive CV than George.

Meanwhile, a London law student was left in no doubt as to who was being objectified here.

George, if you’re reading, you may want to check out these useful pointers on being married to barrister from Sean Jones QC.

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