Instagram’s legal team seems to have been trolled

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Lawyers at social network reported to have sent cease and desist letter to — and then discovered the site wasn’t what they thought it was


From the depths of Reddit and Imgur comes an amusing tale.

Recently a newly-registered domain name apparently caught the attention of the Instagram legal team. A cease and desist letter was swiftly dispatched to the owner of

Insta-cease-desist — screenshotted below — remains online.


Here is the response of the owner of the domain name to Instagram’s letter.

Instagram has yet to respond, or indeed confirm that the original letter is genuine.

Meanwhile, discussion on Reddit has turned to the question as to whether ‘Slütsof In Stagram — A Magical Journey’ is legit or a desperate measure resorted to by a misogynist to avoid legal action. Certainly, there is no shortage of effort that has gone into the creation of the Slütsof In Stagram concept.

Most likely, though, Slütsof In Stagram seems to be a clever ploy to troll Instagram’s lawyers. And what a piece of trolling.

Slütsof In Stagram — A Magical Journey []