Morning round-up: Monday 22 September

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The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts

newspapers3PM holds talks on English votes for English law [Sky News]

Helena Kennedy QC: English votes for English laws cuts two ways [The Guardian]

Now Salmond warns Scotland could leave the UK without a referendum [Mail Online]

Texas court throws out anti-“upskirt” photography law for “violating right to freedom of expression” [The Independent]

Why graduate trainees are often a company’s biggest brains [Financial Times]

Is Obama really going back to war with a worse legal rationale than Bush? [The Guardian]

Warring couples fight in court as legal aid cuts kick-in [Liverpool Echo]

Plans to cut criminal legal aid in doubt after court ruling [The Guardian]

The 6 biggest civil damage claims ever made [Bitter Lawyer]

Heard in court [Facebook]

“Lord Sir Dr Rev Al’s American cousin?” [Legal Cheek Comments]

Full Fact seeks a legal factchecker [Legal Cheek Jobs]