Whoever is behind this top restaurant’s doggy bag ‘indemnity form’ needs some drafting lessons

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By Alex Aldridge on

“I confirm that I will be taking away the flambé into the HOME for the CONSUMPTION”


Oxford bistro Brasserie Blanc — which is co-owned by celeb chef Raymond Blanc — is asking diners who take home food to complete a legal waiver.

The document begins, barely intelligibly:

“I confirm that I will be taking away ……. name food or drink …. into the House/HOME (“the premises”) on …………. for the CONSUMPTION (“function”)”

Soon, the bizarre language and random capitalisation give way to outright error.

“I and my guests will then be able to consumer [sic] this food or drink. In consideration of your…”

To our disappointment, the photo of the indemnity form — which was tweeted by journalist @mePadraigReidy — cuts off the text at this point. But it’s still worth a read.


A spokesperson for Brasserie Blanc told Legal Cheek:

“The form is issued by the government environmental health agency, which provides health and safety packs that all restaurants are required to have.”

Hat tip to Padraig Reidy