City law firm drafting fail makes Dubai student dream break impossible to win

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Because lawyers can draft error-free terms and conditions, right?

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Only formed in May, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co is keen to promote its global presence to prospective trainees. So the firm — an amalgamation of national outfit Wragge & Co and City player Lawrence Graham — is generously offering a lucky law student and guest (!) expenses-paid trips to Dubai for four nights.

Even better, the winner is only required to briefly interrupt their mini-break to visit Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co’s office in the emirate for a few fleeting hours of work experience, while their guest doesn’t have to bother going along at all. The rest of the time the duo can do as they please while staying in a three star hotel (admittedly a bit disappointing) for which the firm picks up the bill.

Sadly there is a hitch: as one astute Legal Cheek reader spotted, the competition’s terms and conditions make the prize impossible to win.


Now, ordinarily we’d assume that this was an error. But a top international law firm with “first class teams at all levels” simply wouldn’t make such a basic drafting mistake, would they?

Er, actually they would. A Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co spokesperson said:

“We like our applicants to be psychic as well as intelligent, driven and commercial. That way they really know what our clients want. However, in the spirit of fair play, we have changed the closing date to 31 January 2015.”

The competition’s terms & conditions have since been amended, with applications now open until 31 January 2015.