Law student does moot dressed in Lord Harley-style ribbons

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By Alex Aldridge on

Lord Harley of Counsel may have just become a meme


Meet Dr. the Right Honourable Bartoz of Kitchen, of the most venerable Order of St Machar & Hillhead — aka Aberdeen University law student Bart Kruk.

Kruk — whose ribbons and badges in the photo above are a tribute to a certain Lord Harley of Counsel — was appearing in Aberdeen University’s staff-student moot, alongside fellow student Ali McDermid (pictured right).

Unlike Cardiff Crown Court judge David Wynn Morgan, who took serious exception to Lord Harley’s flamboyant style of dressing, the judge overseeing the moot — a professor in Aberdeen University’s faculty of criminal law — refrained from sanctioning Kruk’s sartorial choices.


Speaking to us yesterday, fourth-year student Kruk said that the idea to garland himself in trinkets had been spawned after he spotted the Lord Harley of Counsel story on Legal Cheek. Of the moot, he reported:

“It was a light-hearted session to introduce first-year students to mooting. Although it had educational aspects, it was largely for fun. In the end the staff won, in the time-honoured tradition of trial by combat.”


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