Lawyer + Hawk = The Law Hawk

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By Thomas Connelly on

Junior lawyer differentiates himself from rivals through really weird ‘Texas Law Hawk’ video and social media campaign


From Texas comes a lawyer marketing campaign so bizarre that it may actually be brilliant. Meet Bryan Wilson, aka The Texas Law Hawk…

The video at the centre piece of the publicity offensive begins with footage of a hawk and a fluttering American flag, which is interrupted by an explosion. This is the cue for the arrival of Wilson, who proceeds to rant about “talons of justice” while doing impressions of a hawk. It concludes with Wilson smashing a branch onto a low wall.


Wilson’s law hawk alter ego dates back to his not-so-distant days at Texas Tech Law School where, according to his Facebook page, his peers coined the nickname in tribute to “my aggressive advocacy tactics”.

“I am honored,” Wilson continues, “that the nickname and reputation have followed me since then. Today, I still proudly follow a policy of fighting hard for my clients. I’m a problem solver, and putting these life-changing events in the past is what I do best. My goal is to get your charges dismissed or reduced to ensure that each of my clients is treated fairly.”

Elsewhere on Facebook, Wilson provides a further insight into his character with a five star review himself that reads simply “I’m awesome.”

Wilson — whose exploits recall those of legendarily strange lawyer-self publicist Adam Reposa — can also be found on Twitter, sharing further evidence of his love of hawks.

More details about Wilson can be found on his website,