Small law firm somehow persuades very successful rapper to do voiceover on its advert

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By Thomas Connelly on

Rapper and No Limit Records boss Master P lends a hand to promote small US law firm with “Uhh!” catchphrase


A platinum selling rapper with a personal wealth in excess of £200 million may seem a strange choice to promote a small law firm — not least because few could surely afford him.

In this respect, the grandly-titled Winton & Hiestand Law Group has pulled off something of a coup, managing to persuade Master P (pictured above with his lawyer pals) to do the voiceover on its advert.

The Kentucky firm’s TV advert (see clip below) features the rapper — real name Percy Miller — giving a convincing summary of why Winton & Hiestand should be the only choice when selecting a personal injury law firm.

The rapper’s popular catchphrase “Uhh!”, from his 1997 hit ‘Make Em Say Uhh!’, even gets a mention — making the ad all the more bizarre.

Keen to maximise the effect of Master P’s endorsement, Winton & Hiestand has also given their billboards the rapper treatment.