The plight of the paralegal explained through memes

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By Thomas Connelly on

She dreamed of para para … paralegaldise?


Paralegals are always on demand…

For hard tasks

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For unpleasant tasks


For awkward tasks


For inconvenient tasks


For tasks that make all your legal qualifications look very silly indeed

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Given their enormous value to the smooth-running of law firms, you would assume, then, that paralegals would be treated with a deity-like reverence — or, at the very least, afforded a level of respect. Well assume again. Instead paralegals are used — in addition to all the above — as lightning rods to insulate trainees and lawyers from blame…

For lateness

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For overcharging clients


For financial profligacy


Still, at least paralegals bring other people together

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Perhaps this isn’t the most opportune moment to promote the paralegal positions on our sister site, Legal Cheek Jobs. But many of them are at the nation’s top law firms, feature only the most nominal levels of the above humiliations and, in some cases, even lead to training contracts.