This is what happens when a law firm does a list on BuzzFeed

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By Alex Aldridge on

Who needs memes and gifs when you have THE LAW?


When Surrey law firm Skala Law signed up to BuzzFeed’s “community site” — where punters can create their own BuzzFeed-style articles — they presumably had mild creativity in mind. Legal musings interspersed with a few nicely-chosen memes and gifs, perhaps?

Somewhere along the line, something didn’t go to plan — and ‘Russia Sanctions Practical Guide: parts 1,2 and 3’ was hatched. As you can see from the screenshot below, it would be difficult to conceive of a less effective use of the colourful BuzzFeed list format.


Top legal journo Ben Wheway — who spotted the awful article — highlighted the third paragraph (screen-shotted below) of part 3 of the guide as a particular low-point.


Must try harder, Skala Law.