Ukrainian court’s Wi-Fi is called ‘Putin is a d*ckhead’

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Chris Grayling-loathers may sniff an opportunity


Non-Russian speakers might have missed a very nice spot from journalist Ian Bateson, who recently tweeted this screenshot of a Kiev court’s Wi-Fi network.

As Legal Cheek‘s multi-lingual team of course knows, “huylo” can be roughly translated as “dickhead”.

Bateson’s photo is the latest example of a meme that has been doing the rounds in Ukraine and Russia over the summer.


It also works quite nicely when you substitute “Putin” for “Grayling”.


With legal aid-slasher Chris Grayling claiming yesterday that it is a “positive benefit” for the Lord Chancellor not to be a lawyer, now could be a good time for Britain’s court Wi-Fi namers to roar into action…