Which of the solicitors on tonight’s The Apprentice is most likely to win?

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By Thomas Connelly on

In pre-show video clips, ex-Slaughter and May associate Felipe exudes regret over corporate law choice, while regional solicitor Lauren wants “success at the highest level”


As Legal Cheek reported last week series ten of The Apprentice — which hits screens this evening — features two solicitors.

Needless to say, we’re very excited about this head-to-head. Accordingly, we’ve been studying in detail the individual YouTube videos that have been released of St Albans family lawyer Lauren Riley and ex-Slaughter and May associate Felipe Alviar-Baquero.

First up Riley — who describes herself as having “strong social skills and a bit of glamour”.

Riley says she get good results for her clients and that she has increased turnover in her department at work by 7% — let’s just hope that’s not staff turnover. Finally she issues a warning to other contestants:

“If you cross me you’ll know about it”.

Now for Alviar-Baquero. The ex-Slaughter and May associate achieved his dream of attending Oxford University after coming to the UK aged 17 to learn English. Since then he has gone on to feature in a list of the top 100 Colombians of 2012, alongside Shakira.

Interestingly, though, he seems rather down-heartened about his legal career, admitting on video:

“I studied law because I wanted to change the world. I believed I was going to change the world and finished in a corporate law firm.”

In true The Apprentice style, Alviar-Baquero proceeds to refer to himself in the third person as he predicts:

“I think that if Lord Sugar has the opportunity to meet me, and will have the opportunity to talk about who I am, who Felipe is, my vision, my desire, my passion … I think that he will think, ‘Why haven’t I met this guy before?'”

In tonight’s opening episode, the candidates are split into boy versus girl teams, and asked to sell products in London’s Leadenhall Market — a task that may suit Riley’s forthright style better than the more suave approach of Alviar-Baquero.


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