Morning round-up: Monday 17 November

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The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts

newspapers3Ed Miliband attacks Sports Direct over zero-hours contracts [BBC News]

Jury delivers its verdict before a “virtual” judge appearing on screen via Skype in criminal case first [Law Society Gazette]

Nicolas Sarkozy calls for repeal of France’s same-sex marriage law [The Guardian]

Competition and Markets Authority mulls review of legal sector [Legal Futures]

Coroner who stole £1m from a dead man’s estate to “prop up” his struggling law firm has been jailed for five years [BBC News]

Woman charged with stabbing her lawyer boss and his wife claims she was forced to do it by her husband as it’s revealed he was found after the crime covered in blood and wearing only a nappy [Mail Online]

“Spare my brother’s life, a schizophrenic man on death row” [Twitter]

The Nazi war criminal, the Nuremberg prosecution expert… and a shared love of Bach [The Observer]

Shrien Dewani trial “close to collapse” [Metro]

Why is Keir Starmer so quiet about sleazy Silvio? [Mail Online]

Former Collyer Bristow partner arrested as police investigate alleged fraud over 2011 purchase of Glasgow Rangers [Daily Record]

Conveyancing paralegal sought for national law firm in South West London with possibility of a training contract [Legal Cheek Jobs]

Heard in court [Facebook]

“So did the people in [Linklaters’ ‘not assigned’] column not go to school then? Did they grow up in the woods, taught by some friendly wild animals? Like Tarzan, Legend of Greystoke?” [Legal Cheek Comments]