This is what happens when a judge tweets a schmaltzy motivational quote from the bench during a murder trial

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“How are you finding time to tweet during this crazy trial?!” replies surprised journalist to judge’s “true friend” musing


A US judge has raised eyebrows by sending a tweet during a murder trial.

Earlier this week while presiding over a case in which a defendant stands accused of killing his wife Detroit circuit judge Vonda Evans bashed out this motivational quote on her Twitter account.

The reflective tweet regarding friendship was posted just before 4pm. The timing alerted one keen reporter to respond:

When questioned by journalists later that day Judge Evans made it clear that the tweet was sent while the jury was out of the room.

Local newspapers noted that the tweet followed evidence given by a friend of the defendant regarding his whereabouts prior to the murder.

However, the judge’s musing was assumed to be unrelated, as another Circuit Court judge, Robert Columbo, confirmed that there was nothing wrong with a judge tweeting from the bench — as long as it has nothing to do with the trial that’s being heard.

Judge Evans has not deleted the tweet, and indeed has proceeded to issue a host of further motivational quote-style tweets during the course of the week.


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Twitter has done nothing but ruined careers. Why use it?



Yeah. An why do people use legal cheek to pontificate about everything under the sun


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