Garden Court barrister walks into a lamppost — Twitter goes wild

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By Alex Aldridge on

Social media is watching


In days gone by a barrister could walk into a lamppost on his way to court and expect his misfortune to remain relatively private.

Not anymore, of course.

71 retweets and a follow-up local newspaper article later, and Garden Court’s Giles Newell will forever be remembered as the lamppost barrister.

Fortunately — judging by the absence of photos of the incident on Twitter — it seems that Newell’s neighbour showed remarkable restraint and refrained from pulling out a smartphone and plastering photos of the crocked barrister all over the internet.

As the Croydon Advertiser reports, Newell’s accident meant that he arrived late for the Crown Court trial in which he was appearing because he had to sit down for 30 minutes to recover after his collision.

Back in pre-social media days, barristers needed to cause much more major delays than that to generate headlines.

In the fall-out from the news about Newell and the lamppost over the weekend, legal academic Gary Slapper dredged up an article from 1997 about the whole east coast rail network being halted after a barrister’s important papers blew onto the tracks at York station