London law student creates ‘Writ of Summons’ to ask coursemate to law society ball

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Courtship, wannabe lawyer-style

This ‘Writ of Summons’ was issued on Friday by a law student at Queen Mary University of London to ask one of his coursemates to their law and bar society’s Christmas ball.


We’re not sure that the student’s threat to invoke the law against the subject of his affections (if she rejects him) is a healthy basis on which to build a relationship.

Still, full marks for creativity — and, more importantly, concise drafting.


RS Hole

Not that old one.

Hardly original.


Clapham Omnibus Fare Dodger

We don’t have plaintiffs anymore. Looks like someone hasn’t studied civil procedure reforms yet.



What do you call them now? Claimants?


Mistress of the Rolls

We don’t have Writs either, looks like the ‘reasonable fare dodger’ has failed to study civil procedure too! One simply must assume they were simply going for nostalgia in line with authenticity in using ‘plaintiff’ rather than ‘claimant’.


Clapham Omnibus Fare Dodger

What’s this? I can only like my own comment once?


Stevenson's Snail

Not only unoriginal shyte, but also completely out of place – I attended that ‘ball’ and it was hardly an occasion to send anything past the obligatory FB event invite. But hey, at least I got pissed and laid.



it wasn’t a ‘ball’ it was a formal



What a dick


Stevenson's Snail

30 dislikes eh? Giggity giggity


Sorry to point out the obvious

I feel that the new ‘Like/Dislike’ button is of more interest to comment upon. But only to this extent



Ugh, imagine getting “served” with this instead of being simply invited. Yuck. Also, was it necessary to leave the names in when posting this?



Since I wrote this, the names have been redacted (good).



Haha four people disliked the name redaction comment. Well ok guys.



Why are you so bitter and horrible. Honestly.



haha – I don’t care if this old, I’m not so old and hadn’t seen it before. It was pretty hilarious and the last line was very funny. I liked that someone had put some effort in – when someone works at something to impress someone else I think that shows affection and it’s nice. 🙂



agreed 🙂



Well. ..if the effort is there with good shouldnt sound so threatening and possessive. ..the domesticated feline all 72 of them sounded so hurtful…more like a curse..not done in goodwill..writ of legal consequences…be more creative…possession of dress…come about shoes…so that she will not leave your good company?


Nigel Henry

Is it only law students who think this could, in any way, be clever or attractive?

PS anyone know how it turned out?



She is out of his league, he knows it and this is his last role of the dice?

Enquiring minds want to know how Messrs Legal Cheek got said writ? From the woman being stalked, um, “asked on a date”.

Can we please have an update from this woman? Will she confirm she also thinks this was a lame stunt from a guy she believes needs to grow up?



ps the last line is troubling.

“You don’t want me so die a sad spinster”?

Fellas, remember: misogyny’s optional.



Bloody hell, I thought this was adorable until I read the last line. What a jerk. I hope she told him to get lost.


Glad it wasn't me

I feel slightly sick having read that, that bloke’s a nutter.

I see the names are redacted but not the signature!


Oh ffs

“She is out of his league, he knows it and this is his last role of the dice?”
“that bloke’s a nutter.”
And “misogyny’s optional”

But apparently Misandry is not….

May your prejudices stop you ever working in the legal system… because it is innocent until proven guilty…. Unless you are a female who has no understanding on these peoples private relationship.

And the funny thing is if it was sent by George Cloney to Amal Ramzi Clooney you would be saying “how cute” and how you are inspired by her human rights work, which involves defending such people as Abdullah Al Senussi.

For something that could of been a laugh, it has into turn to some social justice warrior movement…
Perhaps rather than making inane comments here it would be better to spend some time trying to do something about the 1,400 children (mostly girls) who were abused in Rotherham.


Lawst Cause

You seem to have wrapped up several unrelated issues into one comment that makes no sense. Good work?


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