Alternative careers: junior solicitor launches cat cafe to help stressed out students

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By Thomas Connelly on

Feline-themed venture by Maclay Murray & Spens lawyer could be purrrfect for beleaguered legal hopefuls


Laura O’Neill only qualified in 2012, but she already appears to have aspirations beyond a life in law.

The employment law rookie at the Edinburgh office of Maclay Murray and Spens (MMS) has launched a cat themed café in an upmarket district in the Scottish capital.

Maison de Moggy — which has 10 resident French named felines, ranging in ages from four months to two years — opened its doors this month, jumping on the increasingly fashionable Japan-inspired cat cafe bandwagon.

27 year-old O’Neill, who according to her Linkedin profile studied at Edinburgh University, believes there are important benefits to be had from a cafe full of felines.


She told the Daily Record:

“While petting cats is obviously really therapeutic and has so many health benefits, the cafe will also help people who are thinking about getting their own cat.

“They’ll be able to see what the different breeds behave like — Bengals can be wild and hyper while Ragdolls can be cuddly — and if they’re suited to looking after that particular breed.”

With beleaguered wannabe lawyers doubtless in mind, O’Neill also gives students a special mention as a group in need of cat love, adding:

“Stressed out students will also find that spending an hour stroking the cats will definitely make them feel better. It’s good for everyone and the cats love all the attention and toys.”

Presumably due to her employment law background, O’Neill has thought long and hard about the welfare of her feline “staff” — appointing special “nannies” to ensure that the cats are in good health and not overworked.

The rookie solicitor, who began her training contract with MMS in 2010, has even created a VIP chill-out zone downstairs for 10 special guests.


According to her website, the cafe will be open for “a limited time only” and entry is £6 — which will go directly towards the cats’ care, funding vet bills, food supplies and vital toys.