‘My day on a plate’: law student edition

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By Thomas Connelly on

Coffee, Red Bull, crisps, lager …


The ‘My day on a plate’ meme has reached the legal profession.

Originally spawned by high-end supermarket chain Waitrose to promote healthy eating, ‘My day on plate’ quickly went viral for the wrong reasons after Facebook sensation Overheard in Waitrose — who regularly pokes fun at the store — mocked the pretentiousness of the promotion.

Before long ‘My day on a plate’ had reached meme status — which was compounded this week when The Poke unveiled its own version of the advert, highlighting the hectic lifestyle of City bankers and their apparent heavy reliance on the white-stuff.

Such work cried out for a Legal Cheek response — and here it is, as delivered through ‘David’ (pictured top), a caffeine-addled borderline alcoholic who lives off snacks pilfered from corporate law firms and Domino’s pizza.