Full 21 minute video: Clifford Chance trainee’s Charlie Hebdo rant has re-appeared on YouTube

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Exclusive: Magic circle rookie issues apology as his controversial musings on Paris attacks re-emerge online


The full video of the Clifford Chance trainee’s rant about the Paris attacks has re-appeared on YouTube. It was uploaded yesterday to an account called “Magic 2015”, rather than the Call of Dalwah account where it was originally published.

The at-times rambling tirade concludes with the trainee introducing the politically sensitive notion of what appears to be a “Khilafah”, or Caliphate, stating:

“I want to draw your attention to a simple fact, brothers and sisters, which is that these gratuitous insults … did not occur in the time of the Khilafah. They have been taking liberties, brothers and sisters, and these insults have occurred since the collapse of the Khilafah.

“And let me ask you to think … on this point as to why the Islamic values are not the values by which the world is ruled by today.”

The 21 minute 46 second-long video can be viewed in the embed below.

Since Legal Cheek broke the news of the video last week, the trainee has been named by The Times as Aysh Chaudhry (pictured top).

This morning Clifford Chance declined to add to its statement on the matter, issued on Wednesday, which reads:

“The views expressed in this video are personal and not those of Clifford Chance. The firm is committed to establishing an inclusive culture where people with diverse backgrounds and views work effectively together and feel confident to develop their potential.

“We ask our people to at all times consider how their personal conduct and actions may affect those around them, their professional reputation and that of the firm.”

UPDATE 10:59am — Aysh Chaudhry has issued this statement to Legal Cheek:

“I apologise for any offence caused by my video. I have a deep and serious Islamic faith, I had no intention other than to encourage intellectual debate and would never support or condone violence.”


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