Inner Temple claims to have the best male talent

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By Thomas Connelly on

Debating society has rehashed Beach Boys track ‘California Girls’ to promote male hotties at the Inn


Inner Temple students are “the cutest boys at the bar”, the Inn’s debating society has claimed in a video which also pokes fun at “skint” criminal barristers.

Drawing inspiration from hit Tumblr Your Barrister Boyfriend, the nearly three-minute clip — entitled ‘Boys at the Bar’ — attempts to assign stereotypes to male wannabe barristers according to which Inn they’re a member of. It can be viewed in full below.

Set to the classic Beach Boys track ‘California Girls’, the opening scene (see Vine clip below) features a Middle Temple student wearing a fetching feather boa, along with an accompanying suggestion that Middle Temple boys are “hip”.

Next up is a Lincoln’s Inn student. As he struts down the stairs towards the famous fountain at Temple, the lyrics praise his “knockout walk”.


Damning with faint praise, the video goes on to suggest that Grays Inn members “make you feel alright”.


But the greatest acclaim — somewhat predictably — is reserved for Inner Temple men, who are “the cutest boys at the bar”.


Meanwhile, there is fun poked at criminal barristers for being “so skint”. And, finally, civil barristers are lampooned for being overly forward in their determination to bed new conquests. The full video is below

Alongside ‘Boys at the Bar’, the Inner Temple Debating Society has also produced ‘I’ll never find another law’, an ode to the Human Rights Act.