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By Thomas Connelly on

The craziest small claim ever?


Five year-old Alex Nash has received an invoice (pictured above) for the sum of £15.95 for failing to turn up to a friend’s birthday party — and his dad may face court for failing to pay it.

The invoice was sent by the disgruntled mother of little Alex’s pal, who said she was left out of pocket having arranged a party at a dry ski slope in Plymouth for her child’s birthday.

Alex’s father, Derek, recently discovered the invoice for the non-attendance concealed within a brown envelope in his son’s school bag.

And, bizarrely, matters have now escalated, with Derek being informed that he could have to attend a small claims hearing for failing to pay the sum owed.

With the strange case circulating the Twittersphere today, legal bloggers including David Allen Green were quick to point out the low chance of the ambitious claim’s success.

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