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By Thomas Connelly on

“Shit happens”


There was an unusual case for ITV’s Judge Rinder — aka 2 Hare Court white collar crime barrister Robert Rinder — on daytime TV this afternoon.

Claimant Becky was seeking £1,500 from Mark to have a tattoo removed from her bottom. The inking came about while the pair were intoxicated at a house party and self-proclaimed, yet unlicensed, tattooist Mark decided to brand Becky’s derrière with the term “shit happens”. See the results below in which ITV have blurred the word “shit”.


Unable to resist a cheeky joke, Rinder suggested Becky could have an additional tattoo whereby the letter ‘L’ would be drawn on either cheek to form the phrase “LOL”. The barrister then turned to his ruling.

In the end, and only after severe rollocking for Becky, Rinder ruled in her favour — but for the sum of just £900. Watch the episode in full here. Our interview with Rinder from last year is here.

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