Morning round-up

Morning round up: Tuesday 6 January

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The morning’s top legal news stories and social media posts

newspapers4Man successfully post Nike trainers as bail [The Independent]

Nick Clegg wants wife and lawyer Miriam González Durántez to join him campaigning [The Telegraph]

Duke of York holds discussions with his law firm, Harbottle & Lewis [The Telegraph]

Facebook hoax: Social network does NOT own your photos and videos [The Mirror]

Jon Robins: Will 2015, the year of the general election, likely bring any changes for legal aid? [LexisNexis Blog]

Another legal drama gets it very wrong indeed [Twitter]

Celebrity Big Brother bosses will reportedly request a special legal team if Katie Hopkins enters the house this week [Reveal]

End well: this won’t. European Copyright Society wants one EU law to rule ’em all [The Register]

Prisoners’ phones to be cut off under new law [The Guardian]

Anglia Ruskin law student £10,000 hotel bill on cloned credit card [Court News UK]

Contracts paralegal required by global law firm on initial 6 month contract [Legal Cheek Jobs]

Heard in court [Facebook]

“You can go on the graduate scheme at Aldi, £41k starting salary, up to £67k in 2 years and an Audi A4 car to boot. How dumb to spend several years working as a para for bugger-all but a wispy promise of something slightly better.” [Legal Cheek Comments]