The 10 stages of failing to get a vac scheme

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It wasn’t meant to be like this


1. Hope

11:59pm, 31 January: Vac scheme application form submitted!

2. Uneasiness

Remembering the reasons you gave for wanting to pursue a career in commercial law.

3. Gathering anxieties

Why does everyone on the Student Room Vac Scheme Thread already have interviews with the firms I’ve applied to?

4. Rejection

*Receives formal rejection email*

5. Anger

They’re making an enormous mistake!

6. Denial

I don’t need a vac scheme, I’ll … I’ll … I’ll start my own firm.

7. Sorrow

Who am I kidding? The very best I can hope for is to be a paralegal someday.

8. Reflection

*Realises there are still vac schemes at smaller firms that it’s not too late to apply for*

9. Procrastination

The deadlines aren’t for ages.

10. Panic

11:59pm: Submit!