Judge refuses to let law student observe bail hearing because he was dressed too scruffily

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Wannabe lawyer booted out of immigration hearing in London’s Taylor House


A leading barrister has taken to Twitter to complain about a judge excluding a law student from an bail hearing because he was not dressed smartly enough.

Garden Court immigration barrister Colin Yeo tweeted on Friday that Judge Rosalind Clayton, sitting in the immigration and asylum court at Taylor House (pictured above) in central London, had booted the student out of her court despite the lad looking “perfectly smart”.

During a subsequent conversation with solicitor Shoaib Khan, Yeo proceeded to brand the judge’s behaviour as “bizarre”.

Legal Cheek understands that judges sitting in immigration cases have discretion to manage matters as they see fit, and are within their rights to exclude anyone who they don’t like the look of.

A spokesperson from Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service told us:

“We wouldn’t comment on this as it was a judicial decision and our staff were not involved.”