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By Thomas Connelly on

Anti-cycling ad featuring barrister offends everyone


The bar once again has fallen victim to negative PR — this time through a bizarre insurance advert that today Cycling Weekly branded “the most offensive anti-cycling ad yet”.

And the advert, which originally appeared in Taxi (the trade mag for London Taxi Drivers), has not only ruffled feathers in the cycling community, but has angered solicitors too.

Paul Kitson, a partner at personal injury giant Slater & Gordon, slammed the ad, telling Cycling Weekly:

“Cyclists and taxi drivers often don’t enjoy a good relationship on the roads and it fuels the mentality of blame and ‘two tribes’ and I thought it in rather bad taste. The guy on the ground has been hit by a taxi, and the driver and a man dressed as a barrister are pointing at him rather than saying: ‘are you alright?’, which is bad form really.”

On a positive note, at least the barrister is wearing the correct attire. And there’s not a gavel in sight.

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