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Wait… what?


This sign spotted in Oxford Combined Court’s robing room encourages lawyers to switch off the lights and save energy.

However, with HM Courts and Tribunals Service’s ever-shrinking budget it appears that an actual light switch has already been deemed an unnecessary luxury.

Thanks to the barrister who sent us this in. Please keep them coming to

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Dr Bonham

Probably what has happened is that motion sensors have been installed and the old light switch has been replaced with a blank plate, but the electrician (or anyone else) hasn’t bothered to remove the sign.


Les Gauches De L'Homme

^^^ I initially read that as “Moron Sensors” ^^^



I love the motion sensors in all of the conference rooms at Leicester Crown Court; being sat in a room with crazy, dangerous people who you are advising are about to serve prison sentences is made more exciting by the lights going out every 2 minutes followed by frantic arm-waving and a check to see whether you’ve been shanked.


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