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Mini-macaron members of the bar


These sweet meringue-based legal treats are the creation of Hong Kong baking studio Flavors.

Certainly the mini-macaron members of the bar would be a welcome alternative to the traditional stale digestive biscuits found in many chambers’ conference rooms.

Unfortunately on this occasion, the bakers at Flavors appear to have only made male barristers. Everyday sexism perhaps? Or simply a sad but true representation of the modern bar? You decide.

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Wow, how very diverse. Why, one of the white men has his mouth open.


Not Amused

Right, far be it from me to upset the professional offense takers … But you can’t (quite rightly) see their little sugary genitals. One human in a wig looks much like another. We don’t give women pink gowns you know – we’re not the Labour party …

So short of inappropriately groping these poor creatures, I say we stop presuming anything.



Oh be serious, Not Amused. Next you’ll be saying Mickey Mouse is Michaela, the black lady-mouse.


Not Amused

I assure you that I am as deeply serious as the prospect of your groping confectionary requires



You don’t need to grope breasts in order to be assured that they are there – most people rely on the visual cues.

I’m also concerned by your suggestion that it is necessary to grope someone to work out his/her race.


Not Amused

Well, don’t worry about it, just vote Green to ban this sick filth.


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